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Concrete Products map showing service area in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.


G.R. Batcheller

At Concrete Products Since 1956
Title: Chairman/CEO

COPCO Background – While attending high school in Sioux City, G.R. started working in the yard during the summer of 1956 loading trucks and waiting on customers. Shortly after that, he moved to the Trucking Department where he was a driver for several years. In August of 1961 after his father’s death, he left college to assume the management of the company’s operations. In 1969, he went back to college and finished the last two years graduating with a double major of business and history. In 1979, he enrolled at the University of South Dakota and received his Masters in Business Administration in 1982. He took Paralegal classes in 1992.

Bob Batcheller

At Concrete Products Since 1986
Title: President/COO

COPCO Background – Started working for the company when in high school. Bob worked in the yard, trucking, and production departments for 4 years.

After completion of school at Mankato State University 1988, during which time he served an internship in New Haven, CT. working for Plasti Crete Block and Supply Co. (one of the largest block producers on the East Coast), he resumed his position in production for close to a year.

Since then he has worked in all areas of COPCO operations and now handles the day to day operations in the Office, Trucking and Yard Departments. In addition to this he oversees the scheduling and production of all block and retaining wall products. He also is involved in customer service issues and Total Quality Management.

In 1990 he completed the Masonry Institute of Michigan’s Masonry Technology course, in 1992 completed a course in Quality Management at Iowa State University and in1996 completed his Block Makers Workshop sponsored by Besser Co. (a week long course dealing with all areas of block production and quality).



At Concrete Products Since 1978
Title: Senior Vice President | General Sales Manager

COPCO Background – Don started out working for COPCO right out of high school. He was hired to work in the plant and do evening clean up.

After several years in the plant, Don found himself working in all areas of production (mold building, machine maintenance, cubing, forklift duties).Later, he was asked to move to the trucking department where he worked in the yard and drove a block truck.

Soon after that was promoted to dispatcher and was put in charge of the front counter (City Sales). In 1985 Don was made VP of sales where he over seen the city sales desk as well as three outside salesmen.

He was promoted to Senior Vice President of President of Sales and Revenue Procurement 1993. Don’s current sales staff members include three salesmen covering parts of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota, and two City Desk salesmen.



At Concrete Products Since 1989
Title: Vice President, Transportation | Brick | Stone| Landscaping Sales

COPCO Background – John started with the company in 1989 as an assistant at the city sales desk (front counter). Several months later he was promoted to dispatcher and assumed responsibility of the block delivery fleet. John also handled some of the construction supply purchasing duties.

However, in 1995 as the demands on the trucking department increased, a separate purchasing agent was hired and John was promoted to his current position of Vice President of Transportation. Several of his main focuses are on customer service and safety, both for his drivers and others on the road.

John’s fleet now includes 3 block (boom) trucks, 3 pups, 3 drivers and a full-time mechanic. In addition to his transportation duties, he is in charge of the brick and landscape departments. John handles all the purchasing, inventory and delivery of these products.

Prior to COPCO, John was a brick and block mason as well as a cement finisher.

Construction Supply Operations


At Concrete Products Since 2004
Title: Vice President Construction Supply Operations

COPCO Background – Tony began his duties with us on February 17, 2004, as Manager of our Construction Supply Operations.

A graduate of the University of Nebraska in 1998 with a degree in Construction Management, Tony has 12 years of construction experience, six as a job coordinator for a local residential contractor.

Accounts Receivable

Steph Eastman

Title: Accounts Receivable

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Accounting / Credit Manager

Kim Crees

Title: Corporate Treasurer-Accounting Supervisor

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Accounts Payable

Rhonda Camarigg

Title: Account Payables and Inventory Control

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