Company Philosophy


The following is our reason for being here:

IT SHALL BE . . . our ultimate goal, as CONCRETE PRODUCTS’ CREWMEMBERS, to be the “SUPPLIER OF CHOICE” by our customers.

IT SHALL BE . . . our mission to provide our customers with the quality construction products and exemplary service that produces excellent customer satisfaction.

IT SHALL BE . . . done in a manner that is safe and efficient for both the customers and the crew members and done in a way that is complimentary to environmental and civic betterment as well.

Courtesy, knowledge, and integrity will be hallmarks of all Crew Member actions when involved in any aspect of company endeavors.

IT SHALL BE . . . done in a profitable manner so that our company can remain strong and continue to grow, thus continuing to provide a positive work environment and greater opportunities of growth for all crew members and continual research and development for new products and services to make our customers’ projects move faster and be more profitable for them.

G. R. (Bob Batcheller)
Concrete Products Co.
Sioux City, Iowa

Concrete Products showroom wall with different slates and pavers.


Concrete Products owes it to its Crew Members . . .

  1. To provide a clean, safe, and orderly workplace.
  2. To provide a drug- and alcohol-free workplace.
  3. To provide direct access where job-related questions and complaints go to your supervisor and if that answer is unsatisfactory, direct to the owner of the company, if you desire.
  4. To provide a work position that earns fair pay, self respect on your own part, and respect, fairness, and dignity from your supervisors and senior management.
  5. To allow you to participate in decisions that affect your work and workplace.
  6. To provide a workplace that is run on the sound principles of integrity, honesty, and fair treatment from all to all.
  7. To remember that you have another life, family obligations, and that your work at Concrete Products also has to fit in with those obligations.
  8. To provide you with a company that is well-respected in the industry, maintain clean property and grounds, and a respected reputation you can be proud of.


Crew Members owe it to Concrete Products . . .

  1. To have a commitment to this company and its success, doing everything possible to please the customer and help the company perform profitably, efficiently and effectively.
  2. To realize that this company represents my life’s work and a family tradition that has for over 50 years performed honestly, honorably, and with Crew Members’, Customers’, and our City’s best interest at heart.
  3. To do your job safely, giving good thought to protecting your health and safety as well as that of your fellow Crew Members.
  4. To have a commitment to take good care of equipment and physical facilities and report any misappropriations of company property or assets that take place with your knowledge.
  5. To never forget that I like you working here for a living and when the company prospers, we all prosper. When the company fails, we all fail.
  6. To give the customer excellent service and a commitment so they don’t decide to choose to have some other company work for them instead of you and I. (Lost jobs.)
  7. To conserve and save and show me ideas for cost savings and efficiency so that we can be the low-cost producer and the highest provider of exemplary service and products.
  8. To perform your job and deal with this company in an 100% honest way, always maintaining actions that bespeak high integrity.